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Broken Denture Repair

Denture Repair

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Teeth broken of denture

Denture Teeth Repair

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Broken partial denture

Partials Repair

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Broken flexible partial

Flexible Repair

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Copy of full denture

Duplicate Dentures

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Tartar and calculus build-up on denture

Dentures Cleaning

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Same-Day Denture Repair is America's premier and largest denture repair service. Our business model revolves around quality denture repair made available through a simple and convenient mail-order service. At Same-Day Denture Repair we provide same day denture repair service at affordable price. We repair dentures, fixing partials, flexible partial repair, metal partials, over-dentures repair (implants), flippers, nesbits, night-guards and more. Besides dental teeth repair services , we specialize in fabricating duplicate dentures and duplicate partials.

Furthermore, we utilize highest quality denture repair materials that are available, latest denture repair techniques and great expertise. In addition to the fixing dentures, we offer options such as denture glue removal, broken denture mesh reinforcement , whiter teeth on duplicate dentures and denture care accessories. We provide quality workmanship and materials, plus world class service and convenience.

At Same-Day Denture Repair, Our mission is simple:

To provide the highest quality craftsmanship at affordable price and best customer service possible every day, with every customer, and with every denture repair!

Our expert staff have been repairing dentures and meeting the unique denture needs of our customers since 1998, and more than tens of thousands of dentures has been restored. From simple tooth repair to the complete denture restoration. However not only many years of experience that instills trust, it's confidence that the job will be done right.

We understand how hard and frustrating it is to be without teeth even for a day. That is why we always rush your repaired denture back to you with complimentary overnight mail. In fact even the duplicate dentures are mailed back with complimentary Priority mail. In addition, for your convenience we provide free First Class shipping label, that you can print and attach to the package and drop it off at any Post Office.

  • Denture dropped in sink or on the floor
  • Denture chewed by a dog
  • Denture self repair kit failure
  • Chipped teeth or lost tooth from denture
  • Denture shattered in pieces

No matter what the damage is, just collect all the pieces and send it to us.

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