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In today's stressful economy, needing to fix denture can mean sacrificing another necessity. It's an even bigger impact to those on a fixed income, such as seniors, retirees, and veterans. Same Day Denture Repair, leading nationwide provider of professional and affordable denture repair services, knows this all too well.

When you send your broken denture to Same Day Denture Repair, it will be safe in the hands of experienced dental professionals who use only ADA-approved dental materials and techniques. Even if you think the damage is impossible to fix, experts at Same Day Denture Repair can repair what others consider as unrepairable dentures .

Denture-wearers should understand that denture repairs and replacement will become necessary at some point. Therefore, when damage does occur, remember not to panic and keep as many pieces of the broken denture together as you can. Today's denture technology makes fixing dentures easier and faster than ever and before you know it your teeth will be back and your smile will be as good as new.

At Same Day Denture Repair we use leading high impact denture repair acrylic, which exceeds expectations in patient comfort and natural aesthetics, Cadmium and Phthalate Free. Also we offer heavy-duty metal mesh denture reinforcement in denture fractures to help protect your dental prosthesis against future breaks.

We provide different types restorations such as:

Over-denture Repair / O-Ring Replacement
Mini Implant Dentures Repair
Cu-Sil Dentures Repair
Dentures w/ Attachments Repair
Night Guard Repair

Please contact us at 1-888-349-3922 to obtain complete pricing information on the repair cost of the above dental appliances.

Please don't use glue or self repair kits. Denture repair glue does not last and it can damage your denture permanently. Choose Same Day Denture Repair, a trusted name in dental repair industry since 1998, for all of your denture repair needs and you will save time, money and most important gain a peace of mind.

We offer FREE SHIPPING both ways!

Dentures are mailed back same day we get your broken denture!

*FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING for a limited time! We will ship your repaired denture back to you same day we receive your broken denture.(US only, customers from other countries must call for shipping quote)